Sennheiser MX400-II Original

Sennheiser MX400-II Original

Nama Produk Sennheiser MX400-II Original
Kategori Headphone
Kondisi Baru
Harga Rp. 135.000
Produk ID 1465486


Deskripsi: Sennheiser MX400-II Original

Harga Sennheiser MX400-II Original Terbaru Januari 2018. Dapatkan penawaran menyenangkan belanja online secara mudah dengan promo yang menguntungkan tiap hari . Dapatkan diskon harga terbaik selama bulan Januari 2018 khusus produk Bekas dengan kategori Headphone. Harap gunakan voucher kamu untuk memperoleh penawaran harga terbaik untuk produk Sennheiser MX400-II Original.

Garansi 2 Tahun by Astrindo

Great sound makes a big difference, especially when you hear every building block that creates the whole sound. Let the Sennheiser MX 400 II deliver your quality sound thats well-balanced in every aspect.

The Sennheiser contains a complex and high- end, dynamic speaker system that provides you with an intense quality of sound thats lifelike. It contains Neodymium magnets have been tuned to give you natural sound reproduction.

Possessing a frequency range of 55 - 15,000 Hz, this luxurious pair of earphones lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy a clear and crisp sound that highlights each component in the clearest way possible.

Superior Fit
The Sennheiser MX 400 II In-ear Phones give you a superior fit in the ear canals. This offers you the highest attentuation of ambient noise possible.

Frequency: 18 20000Hz
Impedance: 30
Sound Level: 198 dB (1kHz / 0,5Vrms)
- Cable Length 1.2m
Connectivity: 3.5mm jack
Headphone jack using 3.5 aluminum

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